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Information about  osteopathy for everyone 

New Wednesday Clinic in  Sint - Joris - Weert 


This website is being developed to provide general information about osteopathy to an audience who may have already received the benefits of osteopathic treatment but are curious as to the nature of the  philosophical, scientific and holistic basis on which osteopathy is based . 

The site is intends to provide an introduction to the nature of osteopathic treatment and the key principles in practise behind the modalities applied within the scope of osteopathy ...

Open & friendly guided -  information 

The content of the material provided is given at a variety of levels :

Essential introductory information for those curious about the benefits of osteopathy  .......

The developing modalities and approaches seen in the theory and practise of osteopathy for those familiar with , or in the process of applying osteopathic treatment within their training , clinic or continued practioner development ...

Through to those interested in articles relating to peer reviewed publications and developments in the field of osteopathic research ...

Tim SparrowDO ,MICO,MGOsC (uk), MGNRPO (BE) , Osteopath training , experience , research

Info- Links Osteopathy  UK/BE 

International Registration

Osteopathy is a recognised and registered profession within the UK and has many members within the European Community
Tim Sparrow , site editor and an Osteopath  in Belgium  , is also registered with the General Osteopathic Council .

Resource for  Osteopathic Research

The National Council for Osteopathic Research is focussed on providing
information on the developments in
the field of osteopathic research.

Registration in Belgium 

The development of a National Register and recognition of Osteopathy in Belgium continues with all osteopathic groups now united under one organisation.

Online Agenda - Booking 

For your convenience we have an online agenda for you to make an appointment at :  

Wijgmaal - Huisartsenpraktijk GP Wijgmaal ( Monday and Thursday )

Sint Joris Weert - Oud Heverlee    ( Wednesday PM) 

Kortenberg - Groepspraktijk Facet-  ( Tuesday and Friday ) 

Consultation fees can be re-embursed by mutality depending on policy .
Contact your provider for further details .

Please feel welcome to see what spaces are available ...

Osteopathy Praktijk

Sint - Joris -  Weert

Overwegstraat 14
3051 Sint-Joris-Weert
Oud Hevelee, Leuven 3051

Huisartsenpraktijk GP Wijgmaal

Weggvoerdenstraat 194
Wilsele, 3012

Groepspraktijk Facet

Stationstraat 24
3070 Kortenberg

Feel welcome to contact us .

Thank you for your request for details . We shall answer your email very soon .